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Sedation Dentistry is more commonly referred to as Sleep Dentistry. Before the doctor can sedate you during the treatment appointment, you must have a consultation; which then will define the type and level of anesthesia that is recommended for your situation.

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General Anesthesia/ Deep IV Sedation

  • Controlled and reversible unconsciousness; you will not be awake during the surgery. In its place, your consciousness will be controlled through intravenous drugs that will put you into deep sedation.
  • Just like IV sedation, you will often times experience loss of memory during the time you are under the general anesthesia.

Moderate Sedation

  • You are responsive, but unaware. You will not feel anything.

Oral Sedation

  • Take a small pill before treatment and by the time you awaken, it’s over and done with!
  • You are not unconscious, but very relaxed state; and often times will remember very little of the appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

  • Known as “laughing gas”, can reduce the level of anxiety and help take “the edge” off.

Not going to the dentist because of fear can result in the deterioration of your dental health. Our expert dentist Dr. Sitter is trained in providing a happy dental experience, allowing you to be sedated just enough that you are unaware of the treatment and are pain free. We can find the solution to your needs.

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