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Computerized Tomography

A radiologist performing a CT scan on a patientA CT scan is an x-ray procedure that is enhanced by a computer and gives out a three-dimensional view (referred to as a “slice”) of a particular part of the body.

Why is CT used?

While dense tissue can block some areas during standard X-ray image procedures, CT scans create a three-dimensional view by using a computer to combine different slices, showing all bone and tissue.

What can I expect?

Contrast media is given to highlight various body parts and passes through the body within a day or two. It is usually given by mouth or injection. It is normal to feel a warm sensation as the dye makes its way through your body. The exam can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes while the computer generates the image. Radiation exposure and procedure times can vary depending on the factors relating to your case.

The radiologist, a specialized physician, will study the results of your exam and discuss them with your doctor who will then consult with you.


Do not eat or drink anything for three (3) hours prior to a CT with contrast examination. However, no preparation is required prior to a CT without Contrast examination.

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