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What is Grafting?

Dental grafting procedures are done to restore the patient’s bone to its previous (optimal) form following tooth loss, extraction, gum disease, or trauma.

Grafting utilizes harvested bone or bone substitutes that are placed in the jaw and will passively or actively regenerate bone tissue.

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Common Types of Grafting Material

  • Allograft – derived from human cadaver bone.
  • Xenograft – derived from a different species (cow, pig, horse, et al.).
  • Autogenous – patient’s own bone (Gold Standard)
  • Smart Dentin Graft – autogenous graft derived from the patient’s extracted teeth

Benefits of Grafting With Smart Dentin Grinder

Smart Dentin Grinder
  • Autogenous graft material with active biological elements produces results that are faster, superior, and more predictable.
  • Cutting-edge technology that delivers the “Gold Standard” in graft material.
  • Recycles the patient’s own teeth thus eliminating the need for animal or human bone.
  • Maximizes patient experience by eliminating the fear of infection or rejection, while validating “patient-centric” dental care.
  • Superior aesthetics due to better results sustained in the short term and long term bone formation

Why graft extraction sites?

Grafting extraction sites are quickly becoming the standard of care in the dental industry for several reasons.

Primarily, left untreated, the bone around extraction sites will resorb, which can affect aesthetics, surrounding teeth, the socket itself, and even proper jaw function.

  • Avoid future grafting procedures (more complex & costly).
  • Prevent poor aesthetics (bone resorption/shrinkage).
  • Prevent future damage to the extraction site and surrounding teeth.
  • Save time by immediately preparing the extraction site for follow-up procedures
  • Maximize outcome with a minimally invasive procedure.

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