Dental Implant Process With Insurance

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Spring Klein Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery will make every effort to help you know what your financial responsibility is before treatment begins.

During the consultation visit you will receive a treatment plan that includes treatment fees and an estimate of what insurance (if any) will cover.

We work diligently with you and your insurance provider to obtain payment for services, but it is important to remember that the fee information in your treatment plan is only an ESTIMATE based on the information received from your insurance provider.

When services are not covered by your insurance provider, as a courtesy to our patients we honor the contracted fee that we are in-network with.

Sedation Fees

The sedation fee may vary upon the total time required for the actual treatment rendered and is based upon x-rays findings, clinical evaluation, and diagnosis by Dr. Sitters.

Some dental insurances and medical insurances will not cover IV Sedation performed in the office.

We do not participate with some insurance including Medicaid and Medicare or accept their payments or fee schedules. The implant can be placed under sedation or local anesthesia.

Implant Guide

A cone beam cat scan is a 3D image taken after the extraction and bone graft has healed over time to determine the next phases of your implant. Dr. Sitters will study the image and determine if the next step is to take the surgical guide impression or if more time is required for healing.

A surgical guide is an appliance, designed to measure and guide the specifics of where Dr. Sitters and the lab plan to place the implant. The time frame for a surgical guide to be complete is 4 weeks.

Healing Phase

The bone around the implant grows and integrates with the implant surface during the healing phase, which will last between 2 1/2 – 4 months. In most cases, a healing abutment is placed at the time of the implant placement.

If not a second phase is required to uncover the implant to place the healing abutment. Two weeks later either your Dentist or Dr. Sitters will make the impression for the final abutment.

Placing of Implant Abutment and Crown

When healing is complete, your dentist or Dr. Sitters will take impressions for the final abutment. The shade of the crown and impressions are taken the same day of the final abutment impression.

The implant crown and abutment are separate charges. The office will coordinate with your dentist for the impression and seat date for the final abutment and crown.

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